Migraines are one of the three primary headache disorders charactarised by recurrent episodes of headaches that are moderate to severe. The headaches tend to be unilateral (i.e. affecting one side of the head), throbbing/pulsating in nature and can last anywhere between 4 to 72 hours. Typical associated symptoms with migraine attacks include nausea, vomiting and light and sound sensitivity. Migraine sufferers tend to seek a dark quiet room away from any source of light and sound.

Migraines can be classified into two categories
1. Migraines with aura - migraine that is preceeded by an episode of visual disturbances that lasts up to 30 minutes, soon after which the headache epidose may occur. Auras can be anything from flashing lights to blind spots or zigzag lines appearing in the visual field. 
2. Migraines without aura - Migraines that is not preceeded with visual or other neurologic signs. Migraines without auras account for the majority of migraine headaches (80%-85%). 

                    Migraine aura

The causes for migraines are not fully understood yet. However, there are few triggers that may attribute to the occurance of a migraine episode. These include:
- Sleep disturbances and alterations
- Certain foods like cheese and chocolate
- Alcohol and smoking
- Neck pain, poor posture and tight neck and shoulder muscles
- Emotional stress

It is suggested that chiropractic treatment can help relieve the symptoms for a range of different headaches, including migraines. At Macquarie Chiro, we utilise gentle and effective techniques to help alleviate the pain of migraines caused by tension in the back and neck. Our practitioner works to analyse and determine any potential migraine triggers. Once he has determined the cause of your migraines, treatment on alleviating the pain can begin by reinstating proper spinal movements in the neck and upper back, which can decrease the muscle tension and nerve irritation present. This can be a highly effective method of treating the problems of migraine caused by back tension.