Mid Back Pain Treatment in North Ryde & Macquarie Park

Mid back complaints are as common as low back and neck pain, but they are often less dramatic. It can involve structures like the muscles, ribs or vertebrae. Mid back pain can also be indicative of a more serious presentation. Common causes of mid back pain can include poor posture, muscle strains, stiffness and scoliosis. In more serious presentations, mid back pain can be due to trauma or referral from a different body part.

Our chiropractic mid back pain treatment focuses on identifying the main cause of your pain, help fix the issue, get you out of pain and discomfort, and prevent your mid back pain from coming back.

Mid back pain and Bad Posture


Few of the signs and symptoms of mid back pain include:
✔  Pain between the shoulder blades
✔  Stiffness in the back
  Feeling slouched and unable to straighten the back
✔  Pain radiating to the front and towards the chest
  Pain in the back when breathing or twisting/turning
  Pain, numbness or tingling referring to the shoulders and arms

We can help alleviate Mid Back Pain and Fix Posture!


Because of the variety of causes for mid back pain, it is important that treatment is pursued at an early stage to prevent further complications.

The goal of mid back pain treatment is to
  Restore function
✔  Improve strength
✔  Prevent reoccurrence

A combination of chiropractic and supplementary treatments may be effective in treating your mid back pain.  Manual spinal manipulation and exercise rehabilitation are applied in order to get you out of pain, create a great spinal column alignment and restore optimum function in the hope of dealing with the issues that may be causing your mid back pain.

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