Low Back Pain Treatment in Ryde & Macquarie Park

Low back pain is a common ailment that affects most people at least once in their lifetime. Majority of presentations seen at our chiropractic office are related to the low back.

General low back pain is usually not associated with a single cause and may account for the majority of low back pain cases. The pain is usually of mechanical nature due to abnormal body mechanics, injuries or strenuous physical activity. Specific low back pain, is usually attributed to a particular cause or spinal condition. The cause can be sciatica, disc injuries (disc herniation, protrusion or rupture), spinal stenosis, fractures, arthritis, skeletal and bony irregularities and tumours.

Low back pain is not just pain!

Macquarie Chiro Low Back Pain Treatment in Ryde

Few of the signs and symptoms of low back pain include:
  Pain in and around the low back
 Muscle aches across the low back
 Limited range of motion
 Stiffness in the back
 Shooting or stabbing pain going up and down the spine
 Pain going down into the buttock and legs
 If symptoms of low back pain are not relieved at their early stages, they may lead to further complications on a psychological level, including irritability and depression.

Low Back Pain Treatment in Macquarie Park

Because of the variety of causes for low back pain, it is important that treatment is pursued at an early stage.

The goal of low back pain treatment is to
  Restore function
✔  Improve strength
✔  Prevent reoccurrence

A combination of chiropractic and supplementary treatments may be effective in treating your back pain.  Manual spinal manipulation and exercise rehabilitation are applied in order to create a great spinal column alignment and optimum function, in the hope of dealing with the issues that may be causing your back pain.

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