Do I have a Text Neck?!

Text neck

What is Text Neck?

Text neck is a an overuse condition resulting from frequent and prolonged forward bending of the neck and head. Text neck involves holding the head in a flexed position downward for a lengthy period of time causing stress to the joints and muscles of the neck, head and shoulders.

The increased number of cases of text neck sufferers is primarily due to the increased popularity of portable electronic devices. Nowadays, we spend hours and hours looking down at the electronic devices in our hands such as mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices and other handheld devices, without realising the excess strain that is placed on the upper spine and neck.

Signs and Symptoms of Text Neck

Text neck is an overuse syndrome; it belongs to a group of conditions that cause pain and discomfort in the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Signs and symptoms experienced by text neck sufferers include:

  • Upper back and neck pain and discomfort

  • Muscle pain and soreness in the shoulders and neck

  • Achy or sharp pain between the shoulder blades

  • Tingling, numbness or loss of sensation in the arm, wrists and fingers

  • Loss of strength and grip in one or both hands

  • Constant or intermittent headaches and migraines that aggravate when looking at the device’s screen

How Does Text Neck Develop?

Text neck develops because of the excess stress placed on the neck. When the head and neck are in a neutral position, the average force the head exerts on the neck is approximately 5 kg (10-12 Ibs), . However, when the head is held in a forward and flexed position, the weight of the head exerted on the neck can be over 25 kg (60 Ibs). That is over 6 times more than the normal.


Text Neck Treatment & Management

Treatment for text neck is usually conservative. The main goals of text neck treatment are to reduce pain and tension from the affected areas, restore normal function to the muscles and joints of the upper back and neck, and prevent reoccurrence of the condition by exercise rehabilitation and education.

At Macquarie Chiro, we utilise a multimodal approach to treat text neck. We use gentle and effective treatments that include:

  • Joint adjustments and manipulations to the neck and back

  • Joint mobilisation to the neck, back and shoulders

  • Trigger point release to the muscles of the neck and upper back

  • Dry needling to the tense muscles

  • Taping techniques to encourage posture correction

  • Exercise rehabilitation and education to help you prevent the reoccurance of the condition

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