Are muscle knots a real thing?

What are muscle knots?

Muscle knots are real!! Clinically known as myofascial trigger points, they are highly irritable spots of sensitive and taut bands in a skeletal muscle. Muscle knots are points within a skeletal muscle where some of the fibres of the muscle remain in sustained contraction and are not releasing, causing you that stinging nagging ache and pain every time you go running, exercising or simply sitting for a while.

Some muscle knots are active, producing a clinical complaint in the form of recognisable musculoskeletal pain when pressure is applied onto them. Others are latent, causing increased tension and shortening in the muscle, thus limiting its functionality, but not necessarily causing pain.

The causes of muscle knots are commonly associated with the mechanical stressors placed on the muscles, including:
1) Abuse - trauma to the muscles and joints resulting from accidents or sporting injuries;
2) Overuse - overly stimulating the muscle and overloading it in strenuous exercise;
3) Lack of use - leaving the muscle in a shortened position by sitting for too long with poor posture or improper activation of the muscle itself.

How do I get rid of muscle knots?

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