Why do I have a neck hump?

What is a neck hump? What causes a neck hump?

A neck hump, clinically referred to as Dowager’s hump, is an enlarged prominence formed at the base of the neck due to bad posture, particularly forward head carriage and rounded shoulders. Dowager’s hump is also associated with other disorders like osteoporosis and Cushing’s syndrome.


In the case of bad posture, Dowager’s hump results from stress placed on the neck due to forward head carriage. The joints, muscles and bones all become stiff & lose elasticity to hold the extra weight of the "forward head”.

The signs and symptoms from poor posture are not just aesthetic. Poor posture will result in at least one of the following:
- Neck pain
- Joint stiffness around the neck and upper back
- Loss of range of motion of the neck
- Migraines & headaches
- Breathing problems

How can I improve my neck posture?

Fortunately, Dowager’s hump resulting from poor posture can be treated, but it depends on how long it has been developing for. The longer it is left untreated, the longer it will take to heal. It is the body’s way of saying “It is time to fix this!”

Postural correction begins with postural analysis and functional movement assessments, followed by chiropractic adjustments alongside postural correction exercises and supportive therapies. Ultimately to help improve your posture, the way you sit and stand and reduce the neck hump.

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